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A 2-8 player card game for all ages that keeps every player busy searching for ways to bond on every players turn. Perfect for large groups and/or classroom settings.

Through the Octomic Ring of the Fractal Forest, you will learn to bond elements by befriending and training the Atomo', spirits of the periodic table of elements. 8 players as EleMagi will learn to wield the Octomic Ring from beginner mode up to EleMaster mode in learning how to bond elements. 

If you can count to 8, beginner mode will not intimidate you. From there, you can move on to the next level, each adding another level of bonding. By the time you reach EleMaster mode you should understand the basic concepts of Octets, Valence Electrons, Metal Types, Phases, and Radioactive isotopes. Join us! Become an EleMaster and help save the world! 

Game contains: 118 Atomo cards, 1 Octomic Ring Game Board, 1 Rulebook download featuring the "Legend of the EleMasters" origin story, and a Nice Box to put it all into.