The Dork Arts designs and publishes tabletop as well as digital games (apps). Here's some of the titles we have available currently:



ELEMASTERS: The Octomic Bond

A 2-8 Player card co-op/competitive game for all ages (if you can count to 8), set in the world of EleMasters, where sorcery and science collide. Four modes of play from beginner to EleMaster, easily teach the basics of bonding elements of the periodic table. Gather your bonding buddies, grab your Octomic Rings then summon the Atomo' together to become EleMasters!!!                                                                                                                    


MAGNUTZ: Puzzles of Magnosis

Remember when video games were actually challenging? When reaching new levels and getting high scores mattered? Magnutz will show you no mercy. It's a game of animated puzzles that will challenge your boundaries of visual focus, perception, and concentration.